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Synergy AI

In this age of AI, it is imperative for the growth of your business that humans effectively Synergize with AI for the highest possible competitive advantage. It is our mission at Synergy to help you in this endeavor with our Products and Services.

Nav Singh (CEO)

The Team

Our team of High Energy Software Creators

Our highly skilled, high energy teams bring amazing execution speed to software creation.

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About Us

Since our inception in 2014, we have been committed to innovation and creating cutting-edge technology that empowers businesses to operate with confidence. Our team is dedicated to helping our clients solve complex challenges and driving value through the use of AI-driven solutions.

Our Values


​We foster a culture of collaboration by valuing diverse perspectives, effective communication, and teamwork towards shared goals.


We operate with a sense of urgency and accountability to deliver what we promise to our clients, users, stakeholders, and each other.


​We prioritize efficiency by continuously improving processes and optimizing resources to achieve our objectives with speed and precision.

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